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NI High Court: Arlene Foster's decision to defer paper on legacy inquests was unlawful

NI High Court: Arlene Foster's decision to defer paper on legacy inquests was unlawful
Posted on 08/03/2018
A woman whose husband died over 30 years ago and has not had an Article 2 ECHR compliant investigation into his death has successfully argued that the decision of former First Minister, Arlene Foster, not to permit a paper on legacy inquests to go before the Executive Committee was unlawful. Directing that NI departments and the Secretary o...


Posted on 21/03/2018
Mr Justice Colton, sitting today in the High Court in Belfast, dismissed a challenge by a member of the pro-life “Precious Life” group against the PSNI’s decision to issue and serve Police Information Notes on her in respect of a series of protests outside the Marie Stopes Clinic in Belfast in 2014. BM1, the applicant, is a member of the “Preci...


Posted on 14/02/2018
The Court of Appeal today dismissed an appeal by Gerry Adams against his convictions in the 1970s for attempting to escape from internment. Gerard Adams (“the appellant”) was detained on 21 July 1973 on foot of an Interim Custody Order (“ICO”) which was signed by the Minister of State at the Northern Ireland Office. His detention was continued ...

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